April 25, 2019

10 Job Skills You need by 2025

The entire world is changing rapidly and corporate world is impacted by these changes in various ways. Technological changes and advancements make the entire world that has never been more globally connected. Your current job may be replaced by technology and new jobs will add to the corporate world.

With the emergence of Fourth Industrial Revolution makes advancements in various digital and cyber technologies such as smart devices, new systems play key factors in this era. This proves the skills we’re having currently in the workplace aren’t the skills we’ll seek in the future. We may need to develop certain skills while some skills may not important as much as today or potentially declined.

  • Cross-Cultural competency skills

You need to be able to adapt the way you communicate, interact with multi-cultural platforms by understanding and accommodate various cultures and its’ beliefs.

  • Social Intelligence Skills

The capability of being in a leadership position or looking to move into one, this will be a key competency to develop. The ability to adapt your own behavior into various styles, various types of communication, different strengths and weaknesses etc.

  • New media literacy skills

Your role currently has a direct relation to forms of media or not, your ability to consume and understand visual content is going to be a highly desirable skill to your future employer. Prepare it now by winning the war for online attention with digital marketing, Unleash your visual thinking ability with a skills set and creativity.

  • Virtual collaboration skills

Virtual collaboration is all about the tools you use such as Google Docs, Skype, Time Doctor, and Basecamp by using pioneering technology to communicate and collaborate. You need to be able to continue in engaging and encourage productivity with a virtual team in the same way you would.

  • Self-Direction skills

Outsourcing, Freelancing and Telecommuting are increasing trends will be vital in future workplaces. This involves increased responsibility, being self-disciplined and accountable, making important decisions on your own, keeping your cool under pressure, and having a high level of self-awareness.

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