August 22, 2019

Advanced Sales Training by Ultimma Training

Sri Lanka’s financial sector achieved its current level of development in various areas relatively to many other countries. Developments in financial institutions, markets and instruments, developments in the quality of financial products and innovations, efficiency in services offered by financial institutions.

Increased competition in the financial sector impacts the access of firms and households to financial services and external financing thus affecting economic growth. Competition infuses institutions and their services, rendering wider benefits to a country. Financial institutions with integration to international markets currently offer a wide range of services compared to a limited number of services.

NDB Bank is the parent company of NDB Group, one of the fastest-growing financial services conglomerates in Sri Lanka, with the strategic mission to be the dominant leader in the financial services and banking sector. The Bank has been a catalyst in the development of the nation, strengthening and empowering entrepreneurs, corporate and individuals from all aspects of the economy. Customers across all group companies have benefited from the product and service offerings.

In many banking institutions excellence in customer service is emerging as the valuable way to differentiate themselves from their competitors. For achieving excellence in customer service and selling, banks need to clearly know detailed understanding of customer needs, expectations and values and based on these they need to develop unified organizational mindset, processes and systems to deliver the service excellence. Organizations that invest the time, energy and resources required to achieve excellence in customer service will be the ones that will thrive and grow.

Ultimma Training organized two days’ workshop for Business Development Associates and Business Development Executives in the Western Province. The programme was targeted about the knowledge of Advanced Selling which would enable them to carry out a successful strategic relationship management with customers.

A total of 50 participants participated in the two days’ workshop as it counts as the 3rd successive batch from NDB. Ultimma Training conducted a very interactive approach where more activities used to educate the participants in contrast to a lecture type workshop.





The participants were made to learn by practicing what they were expected to perform in the field.

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