April 25, 2016

Are you an introvert ? Learn to network

Networking is of paramount importance to any professional. Stronger networking skills would make your employer to treat you as a great asset to the business. It will make you look more smarter among your colleagues as you would be able to get things done better than your colleagues, through your network. Lot of people who have started small have reached great heights, purely through networking. Doesn’t it sound interesting to learn how to network ? If you are an introvert, this article would provide you 8 tips below on how to enhance your networking skills:

Enhance your Business Card
Old style business cards are boring and people hardly keep them in mind. Creative business cards create a lasting impression and would be a great conversation starter.

Volunteering for Networking Events
When you attend networking events, the biggest challenge is to find people to talk to and get to know to find ways of spending your time. But there is a trick which will make networking happen easily. It is called volunteering. When you volunteer for an event, you get the opportunity to work with so many different people and get to know them well.

Go Early
Introverts find it hard to settle down in a larger gathering. Solution is to go early to the events so tat you will get the opportunity meet every single person who arrives after you and before the noise level rise, you would be able to know a lot of people and be comfortable in the environment.

Set a Target and Reward your Achievement
Always keep a target number of new people that you will be talking to at the networking events. Remind your self until you achieve it and reward yourself after you achieve it.

Be the Event OrganizerNetworking 01
Being the event organizer, you may have to work little more than others but since you are in-charge of the organizing, people will approach you rather than you have to approach them. This is an easy way to make more contacts and build a network.

Be a Listener. Build a RelationshipNetworking 02
Never start the conversation with a sales pitch. Listen why they have come to the event. Get to know them and build a relationship before you bombard them with your ideas and pitches.

Follow Ups are important as Initial Conversation
Always make it a practice to reach the person you connected with at networking events within 48 hours from the initial contact, via email or telephone. Be different when you compose emails and never go with a generic email message.

Leverage Social MediaNetworking 03
Social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook are great places to connect with like minded people. In certain instances you need your existing or first degree contacts for introduction. Once introduced, send a pleasant message which is not pushy. This is method will work well if you are looking for jobs.

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