July 12, 2018

Bimputh Finance PLC ties up with Ultimma Training for skills enhancement

Bimputh Finance PLC, a micro financing company in Sri Lanka, has identified a need to enhance their staff’s customer servicing and customer relationship skills. At the time of commencing the training the company was doing well however the Management wanted to perform exceptionally well. The main path to achieve that is to delight the customers.

To serve this need, Ultimma Training met the branch managers in the Northern and Eastern region in order to understand the challenges faced by them from their sales staff. This provided Ultimma Training with the exact areas that needed to be addressed. The training programmes were then developed to address the common issues faced by the teams in both regions and region specific challenges.

The programme was delivered in four days at each region which included in class lectures and activities the directly connect to the learning outcomes. Training sessions were attended by over 150 staff at both regions and few staff from the head office. Feedback received was very positive and the management of Bimputh Finance PLC was very appreciative of the two sessions.

Glimpse of the training programme

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