June 10, 2019

Corporate Talent Drain

Talent Retention is one of the biggest challenge in the Corporate context as this has become top of the priority list for companies all over the globe. This intention on retaining best talent leads to pursue in increasing in today’s competitiveness.

Corporate find many different ways to navigate this changing talent landscape. Some companies interest to provide more attractive health coverage or any other fringe benefits or asking retirees to come back and mentor younger workers.

People tend to turn to their manager as their biggest frustrations and if they are continually left companies feeling misunderstood, unheard and undervalued. The adage “People don’t leave companies; they leave Managers” holds substantial truth and is one of the most important factors in staff retention and turnover.

It’s another compromise that helps the employer through the transition, while making the older worker feel valued and purposeful. It’s indeed a big challenge to employers to readily replace once the experience employees who decided to step down who’re having wide knowledge and experience. A significant skill gap occurs originally in such situations. Nevertheless, in certain situations, same experienced workers who’re there to take the baton and move forward.

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