July 15, 2019

‘Customer Service’ Training for LOLC Islamic Finance by Ultimma Training

Customer Servicing can make or break your business and this program set all the standards to do the customer servicing effectively. Regardless of the industry, the customers need to be treated well. The Islamic banking industry is considered as one of the fastest growing industry in the world of finance and received recognition by both Muslims and non-Muslims. When competition intensifies and banks started to offer more or less similar products and services, it is the customer’s satisfaction on service quality that can influence the performance of an Islamic bank and determines its competitiveness and success.


Driven by the goal of playing a more active role in developing this sector, LOLC established a dedicated Islamic Business Unit in an effort to ensure that all products and services are handled in accordance with Shari’ah concepts, guaranteeing consistency with Islamic principles at all times. Al-Falaah, Islamic Business Unit has strived to take Islamic Financing to greater heights, extending its portfolio to offer a number of profit-sharing investment options to not only the Muslim community but the entire nation at large.


LOLC together with Ultimma Training organized series of workshop for the Executives, Senior Executives and Branch Managers. This training was aimed at evaluating service quality of Islamic banking using Importance Performance analysis. Participants learned how to develop their customer service skills that lead in building and enriching a strong, strategic customer service after this training. A total of 100 participants from the Bank attended to the workshops. Ultimma Training conducted a very interactive approach where more activities used to educate the participants in contrast to a lecture type workshop.


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