August 12, 2016

Cut an image with corporate grooming

Personal grooming plays an important part in enhancing one’s personality. Remember, a lot depends on your first impression. Grooming and hygiene help you make an image of your own in the first meeting itself. There is a false perception that grooming is limited to women but it is not the case. Regardless of the gender, all need it, should they intend to create a lasting first impression. In this blog, we intend to share some crucial grooming tips for working men and women. Grooming 02

Get an appropriate hair-cut done according to the shape of your face
It is important to take regular hair cuts and use proper shampoo and conditioner. The hair cut should match the shape of your face to create a good image of yourself. Avoid low end barber shops who just cut hair. Visit proper hair stylists.

Cut your nails short and keep it dirt free. Avoid unnecessary accessories
It is necessary to cut the nails short and keep them clean. Make sure to wash them after every meal, if you are not using cutlery. Unnecessary accessories make you look unprofessional. Women can have neutral colour

Use of perfumes and deodorants
Deodorants and perfumes could be used when dressing up for work. However these are recommended to be very mild and not strong. Perfumes should be used in inner wrists, behind the ears and antecubital.Grooming 03

Oral hygiene
It is important to brush your teeth after meals to avoid meeting people with food stuck in between teeth. Visit the dentist at least once in six months.

Dressing up
Make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle free. Slim fit trousers look best at workplaces for men and pencil cut skirts look good for women. Plan ahead what you are going to wear and do not just wear what is available in the wardrobe.


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