December 28, 2016

Effective Scheduling of calendar

We are now on the brink of bidding farewell to year 2016. We are sure all of you would be either busy clearing your desks or enjoying a nice vacation with your loved ones. Regardless of whatever you are doing, we at Ultimma felt that we should give few tips to our readers in planning out their 2017 calendar effectively. Let’s get into the core of the article.

Every professional is busy from the new year day. We look for plenty of meeting appointments to expand our businesses. We go after all possible corporate to negotiate agreements or contracts. However in such a rush, we forget to plan our calendar. We just perform the tasks without knowing what are the priorities and whether we are allocating adequate time for them. What could be the solution to this ? The answer would be to plan your calendar effectively.

Why Scheduling is important?
It is important to schedule so that we could achieve our goals within the time available. In addition to that, effective scheduling will help us realize whether we take what we can handle, add adequate time to each task we take, add contingency time for each task and have a better work-life balance.

Ideally we should plan our week, a week or two before so that we would have only the relevant details. We are dropping some useful tips which would help you plan your calendar effectively so that you could be more successful in 2017.

Identify available time
Start by establishing the time you want to make available for your work. How much time you spend at work should reflect the role of your job and your personal goals in life.

Schedule essential activities
Block in the actions you absolutely must take to perform a good job. These will often be the things you are assessed against. e.g. KPIs

Schedule high priority activities
Review your to-do list and schedule in high-priority and urgent activities that cannot be delegated or avoided. Try to arrange these for the times of day when you are most productive. For example some are very energetic during morning and some are comfortable in doing things in the afternoon.

Schedule contingency time
It is a good practice to schedule some extra time to cope with contingencies and emergencies. This has to be done with experience. In general, the more unpredictable your job, the more contingency time you’ll need.

Analyze your activities

By now you would have realized that there is no additional time available. In that case you should revisit your plan and find out whether any of the tasks that you have included in your plan could be delegated. Also it would be good to check whether all the tasks included are necessary.


Should you be interested in getting your staff trained in organizing their calendars / planners, please drop us an email on or call us on +94 112 581 210

We also take this opportunity to wish our followers a happy and prosperous new year

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