March 2, 2020

Emotional Intelligence for Workplace

Emotional Intelligence (EI) means the ability to understand, realize, manage with someone’s emotions and feelings. EI necessary for everyone’s personal life and professional life. On the other hand, how people react and handle others’ anger, fear, sadness, and happiness.

When it’s come to professional life, EI is a competency that intervenes, involves utilizing emotional understanding in order to maintain professional relationships with their colleagues. On the other hand, having a strong EI leads to understanding how employees can manage stress, conflicts, ideologies, cross-functional disputes and its’ impact on overall performance.

EI consists of different levels of EI; Perceiving emotions, reasoning, understanding and managing emotions.  EI is considered an essential skill that nurtures interpersonal communication, teamwork, employee-employer relationship, conflict management in the workplace. Employees with a strong EI having a realistic understanding of themselves as well as others. EI has been identified as an important skill by World Economic Forum ‘Top 10 skills for 2020’.

EI is important to every employee in an organization that counts for senior managerial level, top management as well as ground level. EI can be assessed when recruiting a candidate to a company as well as promoting him. Eventually, EI leads to greater happiness and satisfaction in employees’ job performance.

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