January 11, 2016

Glue your audience to the seat

From a student to the Chairman of a company, everyone is expected to present contents on a day-to-day basis. Depending on the capacity of the person, the importance of the presentation might vary but at each level, it becomes a vital factor in deciding the victory. If we take a student who is in his final semester of the degree programme should present his final project to the academic committee in and win their confidence. At the other end of the spectrum, if we take a Chairman or a CEO of a company, they should present their vision and plans to the shareholders to win their support. Regardless of their professional status, people at both extremes need to present their ideas right to the audience. Let’s identify the key factors that could make you learn the art:


Know your audience – You need to understand the type of people who are waiting to listen to your presentation and fathom out what are the key information they would like to grasp from your presentation. This will ensure your presentation would cater to the audience and might exceed the expectations.

Plan your presentation – The structure of the presentation should fit the audience and it should be delivered in a manner in which the audience would follow the presentation.

Make it interesting – Ensure that you have interesting points that will help to keep the attention of the audience.

Dress the part – Your appearance matters at presentations. Hence take some time in choosing the right clothes, shoes, hair style, etc. Should you fail to plan ahead, someone waiting to advance will steal your slot.

Show you care – Your enthusiasm for the topic is essential for a successful presentation as if you are not interested in the topic you are presenting, the audience will figure that out in no time.

Be organized – Being organized is vital as this will make the audience to listen to your presentation. If you ave not put time to prepare, the audience will not sympathize rather they will get annoyed.

Get a grip on your nerves – Being confidence would lead you to make a successful presentation thus will pass the message you have to the audience. Hence it is extremely important to remain calm and focused.

Discuss the “Elephant in the Room” – Should there be something that is not working or if you are facing some problem, please make a mention of whatever it is and then move on. If we fail to update the audience, they will be focusing on that topic and will not focus on the presentation.


By following the above, you would make your presentation a success.

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