January 5, 2018

Goal setting in the new year

First and foremost, Ultimma Training wishes a very happy new year to all its clients and blog followers. As the new year has dawned, we at Ultimma Training felt, providing our clients and blog followers with few useful tips on goal setting would be appropriate. Everyone must be busy passing new year wishes and eating milk rice and sweets. However from next week on-wards the wheels will start turning and we all as usual will run after corporate targets. In the process we might miss out or personal targets. We trust our tips in this blog will surely help you manage the goal setting efficiently and effectively.

Write goals that align with your values
The goals you set should align with your values. Anything that deviates would lead to a miserable existence.

Set Goals that you can control
Most of the goals we set for ourselves are dependent on others. It is extremely hard to find someone who will support us achieve our goals. Unless every aspect of the goal you set is under your control, you have very little likelihood of ever achieving it.

Think big
To achieve your goal, make the goals as big as ten to twenty times. So in case if you fall short, still you would have achieved your goal.

Give yourself time
It’s said that good things come to those who wait, and there is some truth to that. Of course you should be doing things that take you closer to your goal. If you start by visualizing where you want to end up in life, the things you need to get there are pretty easy to plot out.

Plan for success
Don’t worry that your dreams aren’t realistic or that you might not achieve them. Worry about failure is pointless and destructive. Your goals won’t just accomplish themselves; you will have to have a plan, and you’ll have to work that plan.

Manage your risks
It’s said that the only sure thing in life is death. Everything else has a risk factor. Risk is an unforeseen event that could prevent you from achieving the goal. Hence a proper risk management strategy should be in place.

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