September 4, 2017

Hotel etiquette for frequent travelers

Professionals do travel a lot for business purposes and stay at different grades of hotels. We as guests expect everything possible on earth from the staff of those hotels but we forget to understand that they too expect certain things from us in order to serve us better. Our blog for the week analyzes this aspect and provides tips on being the best guest.

Make your reservation well in advance in order to select the best hotel in terms of price, location and facilities. You may also secure early bird discount when you make your reservations. In addition to this, it is recommended to call the hotel at least a day before your arrival to verify that your reservation is included in their system. Ensure you carry a printed copy of the reservation confirmation in addition to the electronic confirmation. This will save you in times of technology crisis. It is also advisable to inform the hotel whether you are traveling with a pet as certain hotels do not entertain pets.

Upon Arrival
Keep the necessary documents such as identity cards, passports, hotel reservation confirmations and your credit / debit card or cash ready. Walk directly to the check-in desk and provide those documents in order for the front office personnel to check in you. Generally hotels per-authorize the value of the stay in your credit card. At the time of check in they release this after receiving your payment. This is one place where guests could come across problems. Hence listen to the officer carefully and speak politely. The hotel staff are well trained to provide us a solution.

Occupying the Room
Guests must remember that all furniture & fittings and electrical equipment belong to the hotel. Hence they must understand to use them carefully. Ensure the volume levels are at normal or little below so that the guests in the neighboring rooms are not disturbed. If you come across any guests who are disturbing you, please inform the front office and do not complaint directly to them. Furthermore never remove the reusable items from the room at the time of check out but you could take out consumables such as toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, lotions, etc. Mini bars are chargeable hence do not make a fuss when the hotel charges for the used items.

Housekeeping Operation
Hotels have a routine of cleaning the rooms daily unless otherwise stated not to, by the guests. Most of the modern hotels have a button which once pressed will indicate the housekeeping staff to clean the room and they will switch off the sign once cleaned. Please note that it is advisable to be fully clothed when letting the housekeeping staff into clean. It is recommend to leave the room when they clean and if you are not in a position to, please request them to come later. They have number of rooms on each floor to clean and never delay them by keeping them waiting.

Use of Restaurant and Bar
Ensure proper dinning etiquette is followed at the time of eating and take food which is adequate. Avoid wasting food. If you are in the bar, drink in moderation and avoid getting drunk.

Using the Facilities
Majority of the hotels have swimming pools, Jacuzzi, gym and recreational rooms. Read the rules and abide by it when using them. Also please note that there are other guests who are waiting to use them. Hence consider using the facilities for a reasonable amount of time. In the event if you are traveling with the kids, keep an eye on them as they might disturb others or harm themselves in the process of playing.

Using the Common Areas
Be quiet as possible during your stay in a hotel and avoid talking in common areas or hallway between 10:00 P.M. and 08:00 A.M. as the sound could echo and amplify into the rooms. While using the elevator, wait patiently until people get out of it before you board. Wait for everyone to get in before you press the button of the floor you want to go to. Never block the path of others.

Check Out
On the day of the check out, inform the bell hop or hotel porter the time you want your luggage to be taken out of the room. Ensure all luggage are packed by that time. Visit the front office and carefully go through whether all expenses stated in the invoice are correct and if there are any errors, politely mention to the hotel and clear it. Ensure the smart door keys are handed over in the same manner in which they  were received.

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