July 15, 2015

How to give a brilliant first impression

Have you ever heard the fact that the First Impression is the best Impression? That’s how important the first impression is.
What is First Impression? It’s an image we create in our mind when we come across a certain object, place or thing. First impression normally takes about 30 seconds to form, so it’s important that we make a striking first impression

Tips needed to improve your first impression.



Smiling is so important, whenever you meet someone in class or in a meeting make sure you smile, you will see the natural reaction is the person smiles back, so smiling is a winner when it comes to a costive first impression.

Right Appearance

aDressing is as important as smiling, when it comes to creating a positive first impression, clean and neat cloths as well polished shoes, a well maintained hair style are all important. Remember not to leave too much oil in the hair and make it look very limb, so remember to wash your hair properly and maintain a good hairstyle that will make you look very nice. Likewise whether you are in your professional life or college life, flashy jewellery, flashy clothing, heavy makeup are all are a BIG No.

Be clean

bThis includes neatly kept hands and feet, well cut finger nails and toe nails and also good deodorant everyday .Be clean send a positive impression to the person who is around you and does not make that person feel uncomfortable being with you.




Positive Conversation

pAs we are all aware now, smile dressing for success is an important factor which one sees and which is used to create a striking appearance. Now imagine you are at a a meeting or at a wedding , and there you meet someone and that person greets you and speaks in a very gentle manner and says it’s great to meet you   and it’s been a pleasure talking to you , wouldn’t you instantly like this person. Do you know why? Well that’s the magic of positive words, the words you use and the tone you speak plays a major role in making a person like you. So remember with the change in the tone or words, different opinions on you are created.

Key components for creating the right first impression

  • 55% is how you look (smile, facial expressions, dressing, and personal hygiene)
  • 38% on your mannerism (body language)
  • 7% communication skills (how you say and what you say)

cAlways remember to be at your best behavior and give a striking first impression, and also remember it’s hard to change a first impression. If you want to change an impression you need to interact with a person more frequently and personally, which is not possible at all cases.


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