May 8, 2020

How to keep a positive mindset during COVID-19 pandemic

During these challenging times, if you should be able to keep mentality in a stable manner. Staying home, whether for self-quarantine or social distancing, is the right thing to do to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Mental stability, mental well-being plays a part and parcel role during these days. Here are some ways to shift your negative mindset to a positive one.

Periodic intake for news and social media

When critically evaluating the behavioral pattern of every human being, it’s true that everyone is being updated continuously by watching the news, updates from social media platforms and rumors too. Yes, Indeed, it’s crucial to stay alert and informed. Instead of checking updates, watching the news every hour, you’d have watched it once in the morning and night.

Practice gratitude 

We all are blessed to be alive in a world where many people are dying. On the other hand, we should be grateful for what we have achieved in our life in many ways. Take some time and recall your achievements and cherish those moments. It lowers the stress level and would be able to maintain a strong mindset. Overall, your mental well-being plays a huge role in your health. Make sure it is prioritized. The five suggestions we provided can help maintain your mental well-being during COVID-19 quarantine, however, we want to stress that this should not be considered medical advice.

Re-energize from your past painful memories

Recall the tough times that you have experienced in the past; 9/11, Economic crisis, Tsunami, hurricanes, or any natural disaster and how you were able to overcome. Remind yourself of your resilience on a regular basis.

Stick to a routine

We all agree that COVID-19 has impacted all of our daily routines. Late nights, changes in work routines, work from home have become new activities. Try to maintain as much normalcy as possible with your day. For example, if you’re used to going to the gym every day before work, try and get an at-home workout in before starting your day, even if you can’t physically go to the gym.

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