February 11, 2016

How to make a good sales pitch

Developing a good sales pitch is not an easy task. In modern days the sales pitches are considered as a two way process where the seller is expected to listen to the consumer and understand the requirements / problems of the consumer and then provide a product or solution to match the need. The good sales pitch would often commence with an excellent first impression and all sellers go out of the way to impress the consumer on the initial meeting. Another vital skill that get things done is how far the seller could obtain the focus of the consumer to his / her presentation. Longer the focus is, higher chances of winning the consumer. Hence let’s see what kind of preparation is required prior to making sales pitches.

Do research about the customer

A thorough research about the customer would be the first step in a good sales pitch. Such study would provide you with the background to the customer to be reached, their history, the current issues that they are facing and the future challenges that they or their industry could face.

Identify and pitch to the decision maker

It is important to identify the person who would understand the information of your product or services and also could make decisions. This will reduce the number of presentations to be made and it will also pave way for easily winning the customer.

Provide a solution to immediate problem

Use the information that you received from the initial research and identify the right product or service that could solve the immediate problem of the customer as most of the customers would look for solutions that could solve the current problems.

Be prepared to address the objections

Sales pitch 1

As you prepare for the sales pitch addressing the problems of the customer, please be prepared to discuss the objections that would be made by the customer. Generally the objections are the necessity, time, cost and authority to approve. When discussing the each of the objection, it must be remembered that the seller should communicate respectfully.


Gather information from the BuyerSales pitch 3

Once you have done your homework and prepared for the pitch, remain open minded. While meeting the customer, provide plenty of time or opportunity for the customer to talk. This would give you an opportunity to adjust the solution or information to be provided to the buyer and even at the last moment you could make it attractive to the buyer.

End with a “Call to action”

Every sales pitch should end with a call to action. It is the seller’s responsibility to make the call to action so that the meeting does not end there but will pave way for the next meeting. Hence never pack up after the meeting without a call to action.

Watch this video to learn how to make a sales pitch in 15 seconds

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