June 19, 2017

How to make effective Presentations

Presentations have become part and parcel of every business person. It is no more limited to board rooms. From the sales person to the Managing Director, everyone is expected to possess this valuable skills. Gone are the days where people focused on animations when presentations are done. Now, more and more people are focusing on information that could be easily understood and could be remembered easily. As a result the way presentations are prepared and presented have changed. In this blog post, we would like to share a few key points which would help you prepare and present some of the best presentations.

Show your Passion and Connect with your Audience
It is difficult to remain calm and be yourself but it is vital to remain yourself in order to connect with your audience. Success of your presentation heavily relies on how well you could connect with your audience. The strategy one could adopt is to let their passion for the subject shine through.

Focus on your audience’s needs
Understand what your audience would like grab or hear from your presentation. It is always what they need and not what you can tell them. Remain focused on your audience’s responses while you deliver the presentation.

Keep it simple. Concentrate of the core message
Understand what is the core message of your presentation and deliver that in 15 word or perform a 30 seconds elevator summary.

Smile and make eye contact
Despite this being a simple trick, majority of the presenters fail to practice this. By smiling and making eye contact, one could easily connect to the audience and it will also reduce the stress of being nervous

Start strongly
Start the presentation with a bang. The audience will give you the first few minutes to entertain them an if you fail they will switch off thinking you are boring. Do not waste this time by telling who you are. Alternatively you could tell a relevant story.

10-20-30 rule
Dumping too much is a slide will never be so effective. People will not read or remember anything. Hence it is wise to follow the 10-20-30 rule of Kawasaki. It means the number of slides should not exceed 10 and it should not exceed 20 minutes to complete the presentation while the font size used should not be less than 30 point.

Tell stories
People react more to stories than theories. The human mind is programmed to respond to stories.  Stories are easy to remember. This will also be a good tool to connect your audience to the presentation. It should be noted that the presentation itself should be like a story.

Effective use of voice
Spoken word is an inefficient mode of communication as it uses only one out of the five senses of your audience. However if the voice could be used effectively by manipulating the speed, pitch and tone, the presentation would be more interesting to listen to.

Use of body language
Body language is crucial to communicate the message to the audience. Along with the modulation in voice, the right body language will make the audience to understand the presentation. To avoid body language include crossed arms, hands held behind your back or in your pockets, and pacing the stage.

Relax, Breathe and Enjoy
It is important to be relaxed prior to the presentation. Hence it is important to breath well. Prior to the commencement of the presentation, ensure that you are taking full breath. Also remember to pause when necessary.

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