July 15, 2015

How to market a product through social media

Marketing can be very costly, marketing through mainstream media such as TV or Radio can be very costly and might not allow startup companies to market its products .Since the dawn of the digital age it has made it possible for any company of any caliber to market freely. Through the use of mainstream social media you are able to market all types of products and reach audiences anywhere.


1. Choose the correct Social Media platform

socialThere are tons of social media websites out there popping out every day, you may seem like you have a lot of options. But quite frankly you do not, not every social media platform might suit your business. For example if you are in the food industry you might need to use Instagram since its tailor made to share images so it varies for business to business. You need to understand the fact that you need to be everywhere at once, your marketing options may sometimes seem overwhelming. So when choosing your social media platform explore wisely and choose a platform which show cases your products for the audience you are looking for.

2. Give away offers or special Discounts

discountIt’s always good to give the fans that are following you something in return, or to attract new people. For example if you own a beauty shop give the first 10likers a free give away , this might encourage more liker’s to beat the others to it in the future. Create incentives by offering limited time promotions and discounts, and use action-based language: “Click here…” or “Enter to win…” these types of things get the audience excited




3. Special offers

salesIf you are offering a service or a product always give the customers special offers, because customers are more inclined to get involved if they know they are getting special treatment. So use your social media platform on and off to treat your customers.

4. Customer Service

customerAlways host Q & A’s with all your customers to hear their feed-backs. Answer all comments and feedback, even the negative ones. Make the customers feel special and avoid formal marketing speak. Imagine that you tell news about your store to your friends or colleagues.

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