May 21, 2020

How to prepare for a successful return to work after COVID-19 Quarantine ends

Eventually, someday or near future in the not too distant future, society will be allowed to return to their usual scheduled duties. This includes many of us, going back to our usual workplace. No one has a lamp to predict the future. But we know that when we get past the peak of the pandemic and the number of new infections per day starts to decrease, it will be thanks to containment measures.

The workday routine has been different than it was when you had to commute to your job. Returning to that routine could be a significant shock to your physical, societal, and mental state, so here are some things you can start implementing now, to prevent a huge shock.

It’s time to start waking up early again

You need to get up at a certain time every workday to safely get to work on time. As with your work attire, it’s time to get back to your normal work routine.

Reflect on your time away

If you added new self-care routines, reflect on how you will continue doing those routines when you are back to work. You want to make sure that if you’re doing something that makes you healthier, that you continue doing these things after COVID-19 is behind us.

You should also reflect on the work you do, and the organization you work for. Yes, that’s a big question to ask yourself and you don’t want to take that question lightly. Whatever the economic situation in your area looks like, you don’t want to quit your job without rock-solid prospects for a new role.

Create shift basis schedules for on-site work.

If you want to assemble the team in person, pay attention to the maximum number of people who can occupy the office while keeping the recommended safety distance of at least two meters in enclosed spaces.

A solution may involve creating a rotating schedule in which not all teams work on-site at the same time. The rooms should always be airy and air recirculation through the air conditioning system should be avoided.

Prepare strategic material storage

In addition to social distancing measures, the best way to prevent the spread of the virus is to wash your hands. Depending on your area of operation, you should also prepare a stockpile, or at least ensure a continuous supply, of nitrile gloves and other protective materials.

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