October 13, 2015

How to self groom yourself to become a professional

There is this famous saying called a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, the way you carry yourself speaks a lot about you. It gives another person an overall picture of who you really are.

Men usually think personal grooming is only applicable to women and not to men. Well, they are wrong. It can be applicable for both men and women.

Tips on how to improve your self-grooming


1. Groom your hair

1Always have your hair well washed and neatly combed. A good hair style is a must, more importantly a hairstyle which suits your face. If you have very long hair you need to remember to braid it or tie it up or have a suitable hair style, men should have short and trimmed hair cuts if long should be tied up


 2. Keep your face clean


Having a clean face is both important for men and women. Women’s face should always be clean with light make-up and a light lipstick. If you have an oily face remember to wash your face frequently.

Men should always have a clean shaven beard or trim their beard in a nice manner






3. Maintaining good Oral Hygiene3

Having Good breath is very important. Always make sure your Teeth are brushed at least twice a day and teeth should be kept away from stains. Always use a mouthwash so that it can reach areas which a toothbrush cannot reach. Having bad breath makes people around you very uncomfortable. So make it a point to make sure that you brush your teeth often and use a mouth wash frequently.



4. Wear the Right clothes and Right accessories

What you wear is very important to communicate that you are smart and respectable; you also need to know what to wear and where to wear them. Always learn to distinguish between, formal, informal and festive wear.

If you concentrate on these tips the next time you get ready to face someone I’m sure that the impression that you make will put a smile on both yours and their face.4

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