April 1, 2020

How to stay productive under Quarantine

Without any doubt, the entire world has been snared by uncertainty, instability due to the Corona Virus: COVID 19. Words: Social distancing, Self-isolation, and Quarantine have become so familiar. Every health professional has instructed to stay at home without interacting with any community. When comparing and contrasting with usual behavioral patterns, the majority of us had our workday completely turned upside down. If you’ve never worked from home, suddenly you are. If you do work from home, you may now have a full household due to school closures or a partner now working from home as well. Even though the time is sophisticated, but it’s time to reframe and refocus. Since you’re at home for an extended period, and hopefully uptick in productivity will help with the inevitable anxiety.

 Boost your network

Many people are working from home and will be for a hopeful future. The COVID-19 pandemic actually provides a great opportunity to check in with people who perhaps you’ve been forgotten to talk for a long time. You can ask them how they’re doing is they’re working from home, what the situation looks like wherever they’re at. In fact, it’s the time to check in on their health and safety is a thoughtful thing to do and a great way to stay on the radar of those that you work closely with.

Eye on your career

It’s the time to assess and evaluate your career too; whether are you doing the right job that suits your passion, have you gained career development as expected. Updating your resume is one of those tasks that fall by the wayside in everyday life. And it’s understandable; it’s hard, it takes a long time. In order for the next time, you find yourself on the job hunt. And while you’re at it, you might as well update your LinkedIn pages too.

 Catch up your hobbies

Everyone always seems to be complaining that they don’t have enough time to read. It’s the best time at your optimal level of reading enjoyment. Isolation gives you a heck of a lot of downtimes to fill, and while bringing certainly one way to entertain yourself, wouldn’t it be much more productive and fulfilling to tackle that stack of books.


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