June 13, 2020

How to treat employees during post COVID-19

During these difficult times, it is especially true people always remember how you make them feel. Employees will remember the coronavirus pandemic and how their companies made them feel and treat during this unprecedented time.

Keep informed and attentive with wellness

Empower employees with the support and tools they need to stay productive and healthy in the face of new challenges. Remote work can be hard for many people, so it’s important to provide a forum for employees to share resources and give employees permission to work out or meditate during the workday. Additionally, implementing mindfulness into your workplace can encourage people to reduce stress and anxiety that they may be feeling during this time.

Focus on Learning and Development

Now is the perfect time to focus on something positive in the midst of the hard like learning a new skill. L & D programs can increase employee engagement and retention while also improving employee performance.

Maintain consistent Communication

During this pandemic, everyone knows that things aren’t “business as usual.” Give people the opportunity to understand what’s happening and ask questions by communicating frequently and quickly. Transparent communication builds trust while also helping companies to identify employee concerns before they become major problems.

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