August 25, 2017

How to write a killer LinkedIn profile – Get noticed

Social media presence is considered a strong plus to secure jobs and to make career progression. Out of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn has evolved as one of the most effective and relevant professional social media. From small to large enterprises and startups to head hunters, everyone lands on LinkedIn to look for the best talents for their team. Furthermore LinkedIn will open doors for people to work on international projects / opportunities that could provide them the opportunity to put their skills to practice at a different stage. Hence it is vital for every professional to have a LinkedIn profile that could provide them great opportunities. Let’s look at what it takes us to craft a killer LinkedIn profile that could fetch you better career prospects locally and internationally.

  • Post a professional photo – LinkedIn is for professionals. It is not a replacement to Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. In case if you lack this, get a professional click from a studio and add it to your profile at your earliest. Adding a little bit of smile on the photo would attract more audience and it will create a positive impression.
  • Write a unique headline – LinkedIn by default will fill out this section with your current designation and employer’s name. It is worth noting that this section could be edited and you could include your expertise too communicate to the audience directly. You could also include keywords should you desire to make your profile appear on the searches.
  • Highlight your achievements in the summary – It advisable to highlight five to six of your key achievements in bullet form for the audience to read and obtain a picture of who you are. You could consider using media files if your audience prefer AVs.
  • Make your experience section with visuals – Your profile would be well received by the audience if it includes visual portfolio. You could use media files to portray your experience.
  • Make a complete profile – Try to fill as much as you can and make it complete. Filling out the mandatory sections are non-negotiable.  You could also include volunteer experience and if the volunteer experience is directly linked to your work, it is recommended to post it at the top.
  • Post a relevant work history – Avoid posting all the jobs you did so far. Instead post jobs that are relevant to your current title.
  • Be open to ask recommendation – Recommendations in LinkedIn will make you more successful. Ask your former colleagues and bosses to provide a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Add links to relevant sites – Should you own a work related blog or an online portfolio, include them in your profile. This will add the extra points from an employers’ / headhunters’ point of view when making hiring decisions.
  • Status updates – Updating your status in LinkedIn with industry related news would make your employer understand how focused you are in updating yourself with the latest happenings in your industry.
  • Use of keywords – Keywords make your profile appear in searches. It is important to use the right and appropriate keywords in your profile in order to attract the attention of the potential employers or headhunters.

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