September 29, 2017

Importance of Continuous Learning for Professionals

Expansion of knowledge is always and added advantage to any professional. The world changes rapidly and to keep up with the pace, the professionals needs to keep learning new skills and techniques and update their industry knowledge. There are three types of learning which are discussed below:

Maintenance Learning
Maintenance learning refers to one keeping current with their field of expertise. This keeps them on pace and prevents them from falling behind. We all believe that reading an occasional book and keeping current with blogs and newsletters is the equivalent of adding to their education. Unfortunately this is not the case. Maintenance learning is the same as checking the share market reports each day to find out the sales prices of various shares and securities. This information does not add to your knowledge of the companies, the market, or the investment potential of a particular stock.

Growth Learning
This is a learning method that adds knowledge and skills which one did not possess before. This learning method will grow the mind with new information which enables one to perform tasks which once he / she could not perform. Growth learning could be done through various modes. Revolution in ICT, within a short period of time, lot of new things could be learned. Search engines are the key to success if this learning method is adopted.

Shock Learning
This is little different to the previous two methods that were discussed. This method either contradicts or reverses a piece of knowledge that one had previously acquired. Shock learning can be extremely valuable if you act upon it. According to P. Drucker, primary source to innovation is a completely unexpected success or a failure which provides insights which could be used to either take advantage of the change or to guard yourself against a major challenge. Human being’s natural instinct to resist change, we ignore these insights and be ignorant of the change.



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