How to deal with tough times

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” ~ Robert H. Schuller It’s no wonder that COVID-19 brought lots of impacts and implications to the entire world. Apart from risking the lives of the people, it started affecting the corporate world as well as to the people’s personal lives too. Many corporates have to terminate […]

Ultimma Training to conduct training programs with CIPM : Sri Lanka’s pioneering and most recognized professional body in the HRM profession

Ultimma Training has launched webinars for our clients to boost confidence and help people to professionally develop themselves in these prevailing situations. Therefore, Ultimma Training brings to you a series of life-changing webinars in order to obtain optimal performance from your learning and development capability: Raise the profile of the L&D function in your organization, […]

How to keep a positive mindset during COVID-19 pandemic

During these challenging times, if you should be able to keep mentality in a stable manner. Staying home, whether for self-quarantine or social distancing, is the right thing to do to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Mental stability, mental well-being plays a part and parcel role during these days. Here are some ways to […]

Free Webinar Series – Personal Mastery for Professional and Self Development

Time is sophisticated, but it’s time to reframe and refocus in this quarantine period. Since you’re at home for an extended period, and hopefully uptick in productivity will help with the inevitable anxiety. At this prevailing situation, we decided to launch a FREE webinar series to boost confidence and help people to professionally develop themselves. Therefore, Ultimma Training with Colombocoop brings […]

How to stay productive under Quarantine

Without any doubt, the entire world has been snared by uncertainty, instability due to the Corona Virus: COVID 19. Words: Social distancing, Self-isolation, and Quarantine have become so familiar. Every health professional has instructed to stay at home without interacting with any community. When comparing and contrasting with usual behavioral patterns, the majority of us […]