Internal Training

  1. Leadership development program

    _0010_leadershipThis will bring the best leadership qualities among the participants. They will be able to manage their subordinates and handle younger group of employees in a better way after this training.

  2. Social Styling / Personality development program

    _0002_business ethiquteeTo build the participants personality to represent themselves to their customers, society and overall to make best professionals to the organizations success.

  3. Corporate /Business etiquette Program

    _0016_coprrateThis workshop will provide the fundamental principles of business etiquette which provides the common language of behavior so that people may meet, talk, behave and do business together without upsetting sensibilities with hands on experiences.

  4. Corporate grooming and Power dressing

    _0015_Corporate grooming and Power dressing

    This training program will provide the fundamental principles of grooming with latest trends and styles.This will educate, train and make the participants practice personal grooming and power dressing in real life and help them to plan their career, achieve their dreams and enable them to make the best impression to attract their clients.
  5. Dinning etiquette and table manners

    _0013_Dinning etiquette and table mannersTable manners play an important part in making a favorable impression on clients, colleagues and one’s superior. This training program will take the participants through every aspect of dinning for various different occasions.

  6. Customer servicing and selling skills

    _0014_Customer servicing and sellingCustomer servicing can make or break your business and this program set all the standards to do the customer servicing effectively. This training will provide insights on creating leads, sustaining the relationships, getting customers on board, making them happy, finalizing a deal, continuous improvements etc.

  7. Telephone Etiquette program

    _0004_telephoneMost business transactions start with a telephone call, and how the conversation goes often gives the customer an overall impression of the business. Thus, learning proper business telephone etiquette is important because a call can either make or break a potential future business client.

  8. E-mail Etiquette Program

    _0012_E-mail EtiquetteEmail,once considered a casual form of communication, is now one of the most preferred forms of corporate communication. This training will take the participants through best e-mails practices and how they were constructed and they will be asked to write e-mail during the sessions and it will be evaluated and feedback would be provided.

  9. Time Management

    _0003_Time ManagementIt’s important to manage your time effectively to increase productivity. This workshop will take you through the major phases of managing time with practical examples. Trainer will engage with the audience and discuss about real time problems and scenarios and solutions for those issues.

  10. Finance for Non-Finance Staff

    imgBusiness decisions are made based on the implication it has on financial aspects thus setting a challenging target to the non-finance executives while making decisions. Our training will enlighten the non-finance executives to obtain an insight into financial aspects and process that takes place in a corporate environment and to make better decisions.

  11. Training for Hotels

    hotelHotel staff are well equipped with their technical knowledge. However they lag in exhibiting their soft skills. This could affect the reputation of the hotel. We provide training programmes to improve the soft skills as well as the technical skills that are required to perform exceptionally in their day-to-day duties.

  12. Insurance Selling

    insuaranceSelling intangible product such as insurance is a challenge most of the insurance officials face. Further in this part of the world it has not yet become a mandatory service hence the demand is less. We would train the sales force of insurance companies to make better strides in securing more business.

  1. Presentation skills

    _0007_Presentation skillsPresentation skills are essential for managers and executives. This training will help the participants discover how to craft presentations around essential objectives, present key concepts and ideas with power and enthusiasm, design and present effective visuals, and employ techniques for polishing and mastering presentation delivery.

  2. Business communication

    _0000_businesscommunication_5050ae148397fThis will include how effectively the managers can communicate with their peers, seniors, clients and other regularities. This will include both verbal and nonverbal communication. They will be trained on listening, speaking and writing skills.

  3. Management development skills

    _0009_Management developmentThis session would guide the participants on developing their management skills from empowering, delegating, motivating, handling conflicts, mentoring, decision making, problem solving, emotional intelligence to many other broader areas.

  4. Business writing

    _0001_Business writingMany lack competence in writing reports, drafting a business letter or any other business documents which are essential. This training program introduces most of the business documents used in organizations. Moreover, the training advises managers on good practices on writing business documents and applying them on real life scenarios.

  5. Personal Self Mastery

    _0008_Personal Self Mastery

    This training motivates the participants, make them think creatively, and build their self-confidence. This also improves sales officers to bring in sales, attract customers and have a determination in their life. Moreover, the training will help them shift their attitude to the positive side to achieve success in their career and life.
  6. Team working and Networking

    _0005_Team working and Networking

    Teams and networks would create successful business as they make businesses to be more creative and productive through a supportive internal culture. We ensure that your business enjoys the benefits of proper team working and networking by providing an interactive training session that is fully tailor-made to suit your business and its corporate culture.


  7. Interpersonal skills for business

    _0011_Interpersonal skills for businessInterpersonal skill is the ability to interact effectively with other people that, make individuals to be influencers in the society and get their work done without much effort. Better interpersonal skills helps to deliver better customer service, resolve conflicts, adapt to change easily and develops better leaders. Our structured and practical training session would yield a higher RoI to the participants.

  8. Project management

    _0006_Project management

    Proper Project Management (PM) ensures financial and reputational gains to the businesses and individuals. We enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery, increase in customer satisfaction and increase in quality of the product / service by providing our training in Project Management thus creating a workforce with superior PM skills thereby creating a competitive edge over the competitors.


  9. Conducting Effective Meetings


    Meetings are an important forum for the busy managers to make important decisions and it should be held effectively to make the most out of it within the stipulated time frame. We train the executives to conduct meetings that will have clear objectives, an agenda, fit in to the time frame provided and to achieve the objective at the end.

  10. Strategic Management


    Today’s businesses are challenged to make decisions that are beneficial in the longer term, which are known as strategic decisions. Our training would impart knowledge on latest thinking strategies that would enhance the leaders to make better strategic decisions and develop robust strategies to achieve an extra ordinary end results.
  11. Training for IT Companies

    itIT workforce are highly technical and competence but, they lag in soft skills as they focus mainly on technical developments. However due to lack of soft skills, the company would entertain reputation risks. Our training will ensure that your IT staff are equipped with necessary soft skills, which could make you the market leader.