October 3, 2019

International Training in Indonesia for MAS Silueta- PT Sumbiri on Management and Leadership by Ultimma Training

Appointing employees to overseas assignments helps organizations develop their management skills and competencies. Expatriates learn to recognize and understand the diversity of local market conditions in different territories, giving them a broader perspective on marketing. They also develop the leadership and interpersonal skills to manage or collaborate with multicultural teams. Developing management talent through expatriate assignments helps organizations develop the skills to succeed in global markets.

Expatriates are employees of organizations in one country who are assigned to work in other countries on long- or short-term business projects. They help their companies establish operations in other countries, enter overseas markets or transfer skills and knowledge to their companies’ business partners. The experience helps organizations develop their management skills base and their ability to succeed in a global marketplace.

MAS is a progressive organization, promoting unconventional idea-generation to inspire the world’s fashion and retail brands. Innovation and sustainability are integrated into our corporate fabric. Our lean driven, empowered and people-centric culture facilitates innovation throughout the value chain.

Ultimma Training was privileged by MAS Silueta and Sumbiri in Semerang, Indonesia to conduct two day training on management and leadership for their leadership team in Indonesia. The training included topics such as Personal branding, Individual differences and diversity, Learning and development, Work motivation and job satisfaction, Working in groups/teams, Management leadership styles, Building professionalism at workplace, Change management and accountability, Perception and communication, Power and conflicts.

Please drop us an email on and we will meet you at a time convenient to you and discuss further to conduct a customized training programme to your staff in a language that is preferred.

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