September 25, 2015

Items which you should not wear to work

When you go to work you try to look your best self, and there are some items which should not be worn when you go to work. Some of the items which are too uncommon are listed below:


1.Flip flops

1There is not only one reason but there are many reasons on why you should not wear flips flops. One reason is because no one wants to see much of your foot, and also flip flops are too close to the floor, so by wearing flip flops you might introduce bacteria to your feet. Most importantly they affect your posture because they don’t bend like your foot does, so that’s bad news for your heels because there’s only that thin flip flop between you and the ground, the “heel-strike” impact could cause pain and put you in discomfort.




2. Wet Hair

2Even if you are working in a very clean environment, wet hair can be really annoying. The main reason is because it might drip once you walk around and it’s something irritating and it also easily attracts dirt. You also won’t be able to tie your hair up if it’s wet and people will feel uncomfortable around you when you have wet hair and move around.




3. Sheer clothing

3Sheer clothing can be very revealing and it might distract people around you and it also might make people feel uncomfortable because of some religious beliefs. It’s always good to wear something less revealing so that people don’t tend lose their focus. It’s always good to skip sheer clothing and choose something very less revealing.







 4. Hat

4It’s not professional to wear a hat to work, unless you are working outside in the rain where a hat is very necessary. Hats are often considered to be rude and it sends an unprofessional vibe that it’s not appropriate for indoor work. Wearing a hat also may reveal that you are not comfortable with how you look or it may also show that you are going through massive hair loss, and you mind end up gathering unwanted attention.




5. Too much of make up

5Wearing too much of makeup is not only ugly but it can also cause Acne and Allergic reactions. Make up might be a self esteem booster but over using it is not the best idea. Always remember to match your foundation with your skin tone, if not it will send the impression that you are having too much of makeup.






6. Dangling Jewellery

6What you wear is very important to communicate that you are smart and respectable, also need to know what to wear and where to wear them. Always learn to distinguish between, formal, informal and festive wear.

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