March 28, 2016

Make an impact through your business letter

In the modern world, the amount of hand written letters has dropped significantly due to the drastic improvements in digital communication systems. Regardless of whether a written or an email,  demand for business letters  is still high. People at different levels are required to send business letters to their subordinates and superiors for various purposes. They may also have to use business letters to communicate with other stakeholders of the business on various occasions. Th business letter are sensitive. Even smaller mistakes could lead to major negative impacts. Hence it is vital for all to be cautious. There are few tips on how we could make an impact on the recipient via our business letter which we have shared below:

Be Complete
When composing business letters ensure that you provide the necessary background for the recipient to understand what you exactly trying to communicate. Also it must be communicated in a polite way.

Write Concisely
Ensure the business letter that you are composing does not provide information which is not required to make an action and eliminate sentences that repeat. The best possible way is to read your letter once it is composed so that you could identify words or sentences that could be removed / deleted.

Write ActivelyBusiness Letter 4
Never compose your business letters in passive voice. All good writers  compose their business letters in active voice. The active voice is vigorous and brief, showing who acts and how whereas the passive voice is vague and evasive. Hence make it a practice to to compose business emails in active voice.

Use Nouns & Verbs
Adjectives and adverbs can enhance sturdy nouns and verbs but they cannot rescue weak ones. Hence focus on using nouns and verbs that will best suite your email.

Be SpecificBusiness Letter 2
Use everyday words which the common man will understand and be specific to the topic. Mention examples when you discuss ideas that you want the recipient to understand faster.

Use a Positive ToneBusiness Letter 3
Never compose business letters in negative tone as no one is interested in reading things that are negative. Make your business letters sound positive rather than negative. This will make the recipient to read the letter with interest.

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