December 7, 2016

Make it happen – Our CSR Programme

Ultimma Training is a well known and reputed corporate training company based in Sri Lanka. It focuses on soft skills development and offers variety of unique training programmes that could be fully customized to fit the clients’ requirements. Unique selling proposition of Ultimma Training is that it offers the said training programmes  simultaneously in all three languages spoken locally in Sri Lanka.

Whilst earning financial success and fame, Ultimma Training strongly believes in giving back to the community. Hence it launched a successful CSR programme couple of years back to provide Ordinary Level, Advanced Level and Undergraduate students the necessary skills that would make them be successful in their academic, professional and personal life through a free training programme. This training programme is named “Make it Happen”. It addresses the following areas:

Building Self Confidence – This session would highlight the students the benefits and the strategies of boosting self confidence in order to achieve the impossible.

Building Motivation – Similar to self-confidence, motivation is vital. When they are combined, the outcome is extra ordinary. The session would focus on providing tips on boosting the students’ motivation level to perform well in academic and personal life.

Career Guidance – Students would be provided the knowledge of selecting the appropriate career paths, their earning potentials and working environments.

Personal Branding – Branding is not limited to products or services. It applies to ambitious individuals too. Students would be able to grasp strategies to brand themselves to be successful.

This programme has already reached close to 5,000 school students and 6,000 University students and more than 7,500 underprivileged women locally and globally. The founder and the lead trainer of Ultimma Training, Prassanna Pathmanathan was adjudged winner of Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Sri Lanka 2016 (TOYP) for Humanitarian and Volunteer services which was mainly due to the CSR programme ” Make it Happen “. The award ceremony took place on the 4th of December 2016.


Glimpse of some of the CSR sessions conducted by Ultimma Training








Should you be interested in helping the students of your alma mater or if you are interested in helping an under privileged group of people in your town or village, through valuable training, please feel free to contact us on +94 112 581 210 or on

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