December 12, 2017

Make it Happen to the Sales Staff of Alankulama Holdings

Alankulama Holdings Private Limited is a diversified local business which was launched 37 years ago with a farm in Anuradhapura. The company grew rapidly over the period and diversified in to super market, pastry shop and restaurant businesses. In 2010 the company opened Family Super & Family Baker in Mount Lavinia. In 2010 the Management of the business was transferred from Mr. K.D.T Siriwardena to Mr K.B. Siriwardena and brothers. The company’s focus turned towards restaurant operation and investments flooded towards the same. Post war environment of Sri Lanka and the recently developed trend of restaurant dining paved way for the investments made to yield high. The company recently identified the requirement to train its sales or front line staff who interact with the customers on a day-to-day basis and hired Ultimma Training to conduct the workshop.

Ultimma Training offered its “Make it Happen” training programme which was customized to address the following areas in order to address the concerns raised by the Management of Alankulama Holdings Private Limited:

Personal branding
Personality development and grooming
Customer servicing
Greetings and introductions

Staff were brought in from the Family Super, Family Bakers, Casserole and Mango Mango Indian Restaurant in Mount Lavinia and Panadura. The workshop was split in to two equal sessions where the same areas were focused. This arrangement was made in order to ensure a smooth operations at their restaurants, bakeries and the supermarket while their staff were out on a training programme. Ultimma Training ensured the programme to be interactive and accommodated many activities for the participants to learn through a hybrid of lecture based and activity based conditions.

Glimpse of the programme. . . . .

Should you feel a skill gap in your sales / marketing team or should you need someone to conduct a skills gap analysis and design a training programme, please reach us on 0779 024 229 or on

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