January 8, 2019

Microsoft Sri Lanka hires Ultimma Training

Microsoft, the global software giant, recently carried out a partner conference at Shangri La hotel in Colombo. The event was hosted by the Sri Lankan office of Microsoft. The event was organized to improve the customer servicing skills of the partners and was a non-technical workshop. The session was split into two with the main set of partners taking the morning slot where they were taken through advanced customer servicing skills that would make them perform exceptionally well while the evening session was allocated to the potential set of partners who were expected to upgrade themselves to the main list in the future.

The said programme focused on the following areas:

Personal Branding – The content focused on how the participants could develop their own brand and align it with their respective organiaztion’s brand.

Personal Self-Mastery – In this, the participants were enlightened on how important it is to be self-motivated and how it could be achieved.

Selling Skills – The session focused on winning, servicing and retaining customers, exceeding customer expectation and handling challenging situations in sales.

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