June 29, 2017

Paramount importance of Public Speaking

Public speaking is an art which many find it difficult. Even the people who are popular in their respective fields have failed miserably when it comes to public speaking. However there are people who are very popular as they have learned this art very well and executing it to perfection. Public

Adopt the following strategies to be a fearless, organized and attractive public speaker:

  • Do not start talking straight away
    Never start talking as you walk to the stage. Always take your time to go to the stage, find a place where you are comfortable and take a deep breath. Then start talking. It might sound like lot of work but this exercise will show your audience that you are in full control of the situation.
  • Be a giver than a taker
    Mostly presentations are done to sell a product or service which is considered as taking. Human beings are highly social animals and when they sense the speaker is a taker, they disengage. They trust the giver than a taker. They value if someone could teach them new which is considered as giving.
  • Maintain eye contact with audience
    Scanning the audience from the stage is your worst enemy although many of us believe we connect through that method. To be effective, look at one person until you complete that sentence. Then move on to another person from the audience.
  • Speak slowly
    When one gets nervous, the word will start to speed up. However a research indicates that audience are more patient and would forgive than we think. Hence it is good to go quiet for a moment, take a deep breath and continue the delivery.
  • Ignore the naysayers
    There will be people are will nod their heads saying “no” through out the programme and there could be a set of audience who will cross their arms. Avoid such people and identify your supporters among the audience. Their positive vibes will make you more confident in going ahead with the speech.
  • Turn nervousness into excitement
    Repeatedly tell yourself that you are excited and not nervous, whenever you feel you are nervous on the stage. This way you would get the necessary
  • Remember to say Thank You !!!
    Applause is a gift, and when you receive a gift, it’s only right to express how grateful you are for it. The audience gave you their time, and they’re giving you their applause. Say Thank You to express how grateful you are for it.


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