October 9, 2019

‘Personal Branding’ workshop for HDFC Bank by Ultimma Training

Individuals can also gain confidence while they are developing their brand. The gain of confidence will come from their positive qualities and strengths. People will generally gravitate towards positive and like-minded individuals who are genuinely interested in learning more about them as a person and helping them grow in their career. In a corporate and a professional work-place, image and impression play an important role. How people perceive you and see you is a lot to do with whether they like you and want to work with you or not. It’s the association people have to assess your attitudes, behaviors and personality in the community. In fact, it’s a combination of multiple daily actions as well as your connection to other people and target audiences.

Personal Branding is an action in people’s lives where they take an active role. Having a strong personal brand is an asset for any leader. How people experience you depends on your personal brand. The more reliable your personal brand, the more effective you become as a leader. One of the most critical elements in leading others is establishing credibility and developing trust. When you build a strong personal brand, your credibility shines through.

HDFC bank has stronger presence across the country. It has won the trust of the people for its stability in Sri Lanka. HDFC gave tremendous support to the government in the growth of a vibrant middle class while considering commercial profits. This also helped the HDFC to build its own image as a national Bank.

HDFC together with Ultimma Training organized series of workshop for the Executives and Non Executives. This helped HDFC employees in various ways by pinpointing their unique capabilities and get the maximum benefits from it. In fact, it helped participants in improving credibility through their attitudes, behavior and personality to their own target markets.

A total of 60 participants from the Bank attended to the workshop. Ultimma Training conducted a very interactive approach where more activities used to educate the participants in contrast to a lecture type workshop.

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