July 21, 2020

Post COVID -19 training program for Sarita Textorium

As we enter the post – COVID 19 era, there are many challenges organizations and employees are facing. Mainly the employees are de-motivated, and not being resilient towards the current situation. There’re stress, depression, and anxiety faced by employees due to the risks and challenges.

Therefore, Ultimma Training brings you a series of training programs both online and offline in the following areas.

  1. Selling and recovering in difficult times
  2. Self – motivation and building a positive attitude
  3. Personal self-mastery – How to reach your highest potential
  4. Facing the post challenges of COVID – 19
  5. Personal branding mastery and goal setting
  6. Being mindful and resilient – to overcome stress and anxiety

Sarita Textorium was founded in 1988 by Mr Periyannan to meet the demand for Indian ethnic wear at a humble location on Main Street, Pettah with a staff of twelve. Today it is multi-storied clothing heaven with highly trained staff on hand to meet your every need. At Sarita we aim to stay abreast of the trends in ethnic wear and to provide our customers with the latest in high fashion with our exclusive brand names whilst preserving our traditional values. This commitment to modern design whilst staying true to our ethnic roots has placed us at the forefront of Sri Lanka’s fashion industry.

Half-day and full-day training programs can be conducted based on client requirements for a nominal fee. Please see the flyer below for the details. Call us on 0775026865 for any inquiries.







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