March 9, 2018

Product campaign training by Ultimma Training

Unilever Sri Lanka, one of Utimma Training’s prime client, recently came up with a requirement to create awareness among their customers in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka. This is due to the aggravated presence of globally prohibited cosmetic products which were widely used by the customers. These products contained bleach which would turn a person’s complexion to fair in few days. However exposure of the bleached skin in sun, on the longer term, may cause skin cancer. In order to prevent such serious illnesses in the society, Unilever together with Ultimma Training and GroupM Media, organized a two days workshop in the Eastern region to its field force.

The programme was targeted at grooming the field staff and imparting the knowledge of customer servicing which would enable them to carryout a successful awareness creation which was expected to act as a product activation too. A total of 38 participants from the East and North participated in the two days workshop. Ultimma Training adopted a very interactive approach where more activities were used to educate the participants in contrast to a lecture type workshop. The participants were made to learn by practicing what they were expected to perform in the field.

The workshop was a success as it was received well by the participants and the officials of GroupM Media and Unilever Sri Lanka.

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