September 2, 2019

Sales Motivation and Selling Training by Ultimma Training for SINGER

Having a dedicated professional sales team is a big asset to every company. Having a holistic and integrated plan would be a better option to keep sales force morale up and stick to the game of selling regardless of the conditions of the market trends. It’s indeed a challenge to keep sales force satisfying on board during the hard times of sales.

There’re various reasons of keeping sales staff motivated. Main reason is to give an awareness about company products and services they sell. To give an exposure about company’s sales mechanism and the overall production or service operation. Implementing contests exclusively for sales force and rewarding them when they meet the goals and targets can motivate them. Rewarding on excellent performed members of the team enable in motivating overall team to perform.

Singer Sri Lanka PLC is a large, diversified company with unmatched presence throughout Sri Lanka. It remains a member of the worldwide franchise of Singer. Beginning with the sewing machine, Singer’s product portfolio has diversified to encompass a highly successful multi-brand strategy combining products of top world marques with the company’s own products across a range of household, industrial and financial categories.

Ultimma Training organized a one-day workshop to the sales force for SINGER Sri Lanka for their East Region staff in Batticaloa. Participants were representing sales assistants, junior sales executives, senior sales executives, Assistant managers and Managers. A total of 50 participants participated in the one-day workshop. Ultimma Training conducted a very interactive approach where more activities used to educate the participants in contrast to a lecture type workshop.

The main aim of this training to help them shift their attitude to the positive side to achieve success in their career and life. Through this to increase the productivity of the organization by securing and retaining new businesses and build lasting relationships with the customers.

The participants were made to learn by practicing what they were expected to perform in the field.

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