June 7, 2020

Selling and Recovering in Difficult Times

The COVID 19 outbreak is likely to affect private sector business sales and investment through most of 2020. Since the financial sector is the backbone of any economy, any significant economic downturn will directly affect financial intuitions. Due to difficult operating conditions. The longer-term impact will be felt by indebted companies or those with poor cash flows, those unable to remain open or afford salaries to retain employees. Stress testing of banks will also be of relevance and importance as we face uncertain events. Moreover, recovering the payments is tough too due to the current economic status of the country and the current laws and regulations.

Sales staff are highly demotivated due to these challenges. To give them the confidence to sell, to make them motivated, and give them the tips to sell and recover Ultimma Training is planning to conduct a series of SALES MASTER CLASS WEBINARS. The first training of this webinar series will be on “HOW TO SELL AND RECOVER IN DIFFICULT TIMES”.

Date – 14th of June 2020 (Sunday)

Time – 10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. followed by a Q &A

Investment – 1000 LKR per participant

Medium – Tamil

Method – Online interactive webinar through Microsoft Teams

You can nominate your sales/recovery staff for this webinar or you can send them the flyer if they have a personal interest to expand their knowledge/skills in selling and recovering. Please see the flyer attached below with the details. This training can be customized to suit your requirements internally and can be only delivered to your organization in any language for a nominal fee. Get in touch with us if you need more information on this.


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