October 18, 2019

Social Styling training for Ceylinco Life ‘High Flyers’ Club

Planning the future should include facing up manlike to the facts of life, analyzing the risks, determining the available means for meeting them to meet them most effectively. The moment you’re starting to think of ways to protect your family in the event of a tragic situation, such as your death, life insurance is immediately the first investment that comes to mind. The next thing, the best investment can be made at a convenient way.

To make that decision easier, and the process faster, always look for an insurance agent. It means thinking ahead to the life of one’s family when it is deprived of one’s direct support. It means fitting life insurance in with other secured assets so as to project one’s support into the future for so long as one’s family needs it. It means trying to make sure that one’s desires in the way of comfort, education and a good start in life will be given one’s children.

Ceylinco Life is Sri Lanka’s largest and undisputed leader in life insurance. Going from strength to strength with innovative products and services, whilst reinforcing our trust and reputation among the people, we have grown to become a household name in every corner of the country and a benchmark of life insurance in Sri Lanka. With vast reach and through highly specialized sales force the company has managed to protect the lives and forge life-long relationships with almost 1 million citizens, and will continue to aim higher until achieved our vision of protecting every Sri Lankan family with life insurance and retirement solutions.

Personal branding is an ongoing process of establishing an image or impression in the mind of others. It’s the association people have to assess your attitudes, behaviors and personality in the community. In fact, it’s a combination of multiple daily actions as well as your connection to other people and target audiences.

Ceylinco Life together with Ultimma Training organized series of workshop for their ‘High Flyers Club’. The entire programme covered Personal Branding, Personality Development, Corporate Grooming and Etiquette etc.  This helped Ceylinco Life employees in various ways by pinpointing their unique capabilities and get the maximum benefits from it. In fact, it helped participants in improving credibility through their attitudes, behavior and personality to their own target markets.

A total of 100 participants from the Bank attended to the workshops. Ultimma Training conducted a very interactive approach where more activities used to educate the participants in contrast to a lecture type workshop.

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