January 23, 2019

The Art of Handling Difficult Customers

It’s said that “Customer is the King”, Nevertheless Customers Handling has become one of major challenge in today’s corporate world.  It’s a clear ideology that how customers concern as one of the biggest strength to certain companies while they’re the biggest challenging point to some other companies. The ‘Manthra’ is all about how do companies handle them.

Every Business requires understanding how to deal and handle customers in order to survive in the business. A great customer service always leads to retain the existing customers and attract new customers.  Dissatisfied Customers turns for an opportunity cost to the company by tarnishing corporate reputation of the company.

First and Foremost- First listen and have a clear understanding about the entire situation. Do not argue or talk over the customer. Understand the factors, issues behind the mistakes that happened already.

Opportunity to build a rapport- Impose to the situation of Customer and understand the difficulties that customers face already. Your understandability leads to make customers calm without making them aggressive and angry.

No Personal Agenda- Always be issue centered and makes your intention to give the best solution to resolve the issue and never take personally or get revenge from customer. Even if the customer does, try to ignore personal comments. Realize customer that they’re forwarding frustration on you. 

Solution and Follow Up- After the mutual agreement in resolving the issue, take action immediately.  Explain every step that you’re going to do to fix the issue. After resolving the issue, follow up the customers and assess his or her satisfaction.

Use the response- Realize the factors that cause for the problem and make preventive decisions.  Overall organizational performance leads to improve by ensuring on how to manage complaints and feedback effectively.

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