May 10, 2019

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership; An individual or a firm which’s recognized as a specialized authority in a specific field whose expertise of knowledge, experience is recognized as such by the community. This specialized authority.  It’s all about having an expertise knowledge, experience in a specific area and position yourself as a thought leader in your own field.

On the other hand, it defines, “The art of positioning you and your company as an initiator, leader or an influence in the field through the best essence in your expertise of knowledge and experience. Thought leaders are able to create ideas and addressed the needs of the marketplace.

Thought leadership has certain drivers as,

Expertise -If you have direct experience and expertise in that area people are much more likely to listen to whatever it, you’re talking about. Whether you’ve been working in a specific area professionally for two decades, or have faithfully pursued a hobby since you were a kid, experience and mastery in a particular area gives you a leg-up when positioning yourself as a thought leader.

Ongoing involvement in Niche-Thought leaders keep up with the current conversation in their field. While your past experiences are valuable, it’s even more important to connect these to what’s currently happening in the industry.

A clearly identified point of view -This is critical when it comes to setting yourself apart from others in your field. A clear point of view lets people know what it is they’re getting when they decide to follow you, read your content, share your videos, or request you as a speaker for a live event.

Credibility-This is something that will be achieved through a combination of your past experiences, current standing and endorsements from your network. By building your professional experience, and working with other thought leaders, industry insiders and reputable professionals – you automatically enhance your credibility.

Successful thought leaders have their ability to distinguish themselves from others. You cannot be a thought leader if others don’t follow. Without followers, you’re someone with tightly held convictions. While you don’t need the whole world to put stock in your opinion, you do need some people to believe in you to further support your credibility.

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  1. As a thought leader, you must understand the issues that impact your audience and offer upbeat, educative advice driven by these issues, not just what your corporate agenda demands, said Stevenson.

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