January 5, 2016

Tie your tie to the occasion

Ties are worn by men for various occasion on a day-to-day basis. Although the habit of wearing a Steinkirks started between 1680 and 1710 in Europe, the first use of neck and bow ties root to 1860 when the industrial revolution took place. The modern day ties walked in to the market after the end of the First World War and the Americans were the first to wear them. For the next 30 years, the wider ties ruled the men’s wear stores across the world. the width of the ties started to become narrower and reached 3 inches between 1950 and 1960 before they reverted to the original width of 4.5 inches in 1960. Present day ties are of 3.75 inches in width and 57 inches in length.

Leaving the history apart, most men struggle to select the right tie and the knot for the occasion. Most of them opt for the best available tie and the easiest knot that is possible. This strategy might save you for the moment but will not cut an image of yours in people whom you meet. Hence it is of paramount importance to select the right tie and the right knot. Lets discuss the facts that helps you choose them correctly.


Colour of the tie

What decides the colour of the tie is the overall colour of your attire. For formal occasions wear a solid colour tie that is darker than the shirt that you are wearing. Solid ties are versatile of all ties and they are appropriate with everything. Dark ties are more appropriate with business ware. Black ties once again are appropriate for any occasion ranging from funerals to business.


Type of the shirt collar and tie knots

Classic Straight Point Collar – This is the most popular and standard shirt collar which goes well with all tie knots.

Narrow Straight Point Collar – Four-in-hand knot type compliments this shirt collar.

Button Down Collar – Shirts with this collar could be worn either with or without a tie but the buttons are always meant to be fastened.

Spread Collar – These are collars with wider opening and would be complimented with larger tie knots such as Windsor.

Cutaway Collar -This is drastic version of the spread collar and goes well with full Windsor knot and the best option if you like more tie exposure.

Wing Tip Collar – These collars are found on tuxedo shirts and go well with bow tie. These shirts are worn for weddings and special occasions.


Width of the tie

Width of the tie should be between 2.25 inches and 4 inches and it should correspond with the width of the lapel of the jacket. Further the tip of tie should hit the top of the belt buckle.


Matching the Patterns

Patterns of the ties do decide for what occasion it could be worn. Repeat pattern ties are the most common types. Ties with dots are considered formal whereas woven ties are formal but they are conservative. Stripped ties are known as rep or regimental ties as they were initially worn by British Army regiments.


Should you be interested in getting the attention of others, please do take time to look at the aspects discussed above, before you get dressed up.

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