July 15, 2015

Tips on developing your Soft Skills

Soft skills are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. And it’s very important to a person in both his personal and his work life.


Some tips on improving soft skills :

 1) Active Listening

activeIts always good to think before you speak, in order to do that you need to listen actively. Not only in the cooperate environment but also in your life , if you actively listen it will do good and will improve your soft skills


2) Building Relationships

handsOne of the most important things in soft skills is building relationships. Not only in the work place it’s a needy requirement in a person’s life too. Taking the work place for example, because organizations are designed around teams and departments so when there is a relationship there is trust built around everyone



3) Communicate clearly

childWhen you are communicating or passing a message, you need to make sure you communicate clearly and the person at the other end understands you clearly, in order to do that you need to pay attention, that’s the most important thing. The second most important thing is verbal influence. Verbal influence can motivate people for e.g.: before a project if someone gives a motivational speech it will give them the motivation to do the project effectively and with confidence.


4) Being positive

head Being positive may draw people towards you; one of the most important things in developing soft skills is to have a positive attitude. To be positive you need to be friendly and upbeat that’s most important and you also need to be appreciative of others work and not jealous.



 5) Humor

humerHumor is very important when it comes to improving soft skills, if you are funny or witty at times people are drawn to you because your sense of humor. Having some fun with the things you do makes things better and more interesting.


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