February 16, 2019

Trending Eye in Tourism 2019

2018 has been a challenging year for the tourism industry, which has marked a considerable growth in international journeys around the world. Tourism is an integrated discipline that’s connected to politics, religion, economics etc. Changes occur in one field impact constantly changes into tourism industry as well.

Tourism is in a position that can make contribution towards sustainable development.  Economically, growth of the sector contributes to many inbound and outbound destinations. Tourism is an activity that exercises the relationship among environment, communities, infrastructure and visitors.

Travelers will increasingly search for off the beaten path destinations and they intend to visit less crowded and less expensive places. Culinary Tourism welcomes authentic food which has become more popular among tourists. Travelers prefer to dine with locals in their homes instead of staying at luxury hotels. 

‘Adventure’ & ‘Experiments’ mark an emerging trend in tourism since travelers are reluctant to repeat the same activity in their experience. They love accomplish or any adventurous task that they haven’t done before. Hostel concept is rising in the tourism sector as it allows spaces to hang out and mingle with their own community. Enlarging rooms on individual rooms won’t be much profitable to hoteliers as expected due to this fact. Solo Travel will remain an as emerging trend same as last few years

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