September 17, 2019

Trends in Training and Development

Training and Development is the area of focusing with organizational activities that are aimed to be adrenalized in individually and holistically. Training addresses in developing employees’ capabilities through practicing and set of learning methods. This learning landscape is diversifying and shifting to different platforms than before.

Every organization concerns on facilitating coaching, ongoing feedback and resources for learning opportunities. Training and Development faces lots of challenges such as adapting to new learning styles, customized solutions, delivery in expected language, benefits of entire training programmes.


Following are trends in Trends in Training and Development

Personalized/ Customized Training

Personalized Training has become an emerging trend in Training and Development that addresses the requirements of the participants. Corporate World doesn’t accept the traditional lecture type trainings anymore. It accepts tailor made solutions that targets to fulfil particular set of objectives. L&D managers put learners front and center means creating a personalized learning journey, and then handing over the reins so that learners can direct and control their own learning experience. Growing focus is on developing individual contributors. More than one in three organizations have stepped up efforts to develop individual contributors.

Learner-centered online training

L&D managers and participants use technology that focuses to improve learning experience and learning engagement in a more effective manner. Certain mobile apps, Webinars and other community based learning approaches appear highly in the learning environment. A trend has been identified where employees self-learn through online courses and look for new job opportunities that matches their requirements and expectations. Such e-learning platforms might help even better in delivering training programs executing and evaluating etc.

Diversified prioritization of training

Nowadays, every company has to invest in attracting top talent, retain and continuously develop them according to the company expectations. Emotional Intelligence, Critical thinking, Digital marketing, Analytical skills are new areas what L&D managers seek than the traditional areas. Nevertheless, in the past L&D managers were asked only to train employees to do their jobs effectively. However, L&D Managers have more strategic and customized training needs than old days.

Continuous Learning Opportunities

One-time training doesn’t bring sustainable results to any organization. Learning is a never ending process same as Training does. Participants prefer to grab knowledge with new updates through short term courses in order to build their competencies. Developing a continuous effective employee training and development program maximizes the employee’s performance and helps you meet your business goals. Providing opportunities for professional development will have a positive and long-term impact on their productivity.

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