October 18, 2020

Ultimma Training conducted a special training on ‘Building Self Mastery’ at a Rehabilitation Center

Drugs doesn’t only suffocate the victim but their family and the whole society. Sri Lankan government should put a full stop to who ever brings these drugs inside the country. Recently Ultimma Training had the privilege of training 30 individuals who were addicted to drugs around Sri Lanka and now been rehabilitated. Ultimma Training conducted a full day workshop for them on building their self confidence, self esteem, personal goal setting, law of attraction, mindfulness and resilience.The participants were between 17 years and 33 years old and had no hope about their future.

After being with them for a day I made a promise to myself that I am going to take an effort in making a positive change in their life, I am going to visit them again and again till I make a change in their values and confidence. I would say it was one of the best training experiences I have ever got. The engagement they had with me, multiple questions they asked me, the leadership qualities I saw in them was amazing.It’s sad to hear their stories of how their families suffered due to their addiction for drugs.” – Prassenna Pathmanathan
Lead Trainer of Ultimma Training
Ultimma Training would like to thank the youth ministry for trusting us and giving this opportunity and on a big mission to drive this program forward around the country in 10 centers next year.
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