December 28, 2015

Use your mobile phone smartly

At present mobile phones have become a basic amenity than luxurious. From the CEOs to the vegetable sellers to the kids, every single person has one or more mobile phones, mostly smartphones. The mobile phones have developed very much from the purpose for which they were invented long ago. The latest mobile phones ave the capacity to function as mini computers. However, such a huge leap in development has equal amount of negative side too. Using mobile phones inappropriately, has led to incidents such as accidents, loss of life, loss of job and many more negative outcomes. Let’s look at how we could avoid such negative outcomes.



  1. Never talk on the phone, while you are behind the wheels. If it is an urgent call, park your vehicle and attend the call.
  2. Always carry a fully charged power bank. Modern phone batteries dry much faster.
  3. Never use your mobile phones while talking to your customers. Focus your attention on the conversation rather than meddling with the mobile phone.
  4. Try to change to “Aircraft Mode” or “Flight Mode” when attending meetings with clients and senior Management staff.
  5. Activate your voice mail function when you are at meetings and later promptly call back.
  6. Do respect the personal space of others. When you must use your phone in public, try to keep at least three meters between you and others
  7. If you notice a missed call notification, please call back at your earliest.
  8. Never use your mobile phone cameras to invade others’ privacy.
  9. When you choose ring tones and ring-in tones, please choose professional ones.
  10. Never use your office mobile phone for personal purposes.
  11. Never have conversation on speaker phone when remaining in public.
  12. Do not make others to delay eating their food, so that you could Instagram the meal.
  13. Never grab the phone when someone tries to show your a photo.
  14. When you get a call while you are watching TV with others, please leave the room and answer the call.
  15. SMS stands for Short Message Service. Please keep that in mind when using it as no one wants a bible via SMS.

It must be agreed that mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. Hence it is important to observe some basic common sense and courtesy when using mobile phones so as not to make others feel annoyed or disrespected.

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