November 13, 2018

Utlimma Training Turns 5

Five years ago, today, Ultimma Training was born. The concept of fully tailor-made training programmes was something that from inception the company is practicing. That is because we believe that not all clients are the same and not all clients have same challenges. For this purpose the company depends on mystery shopping and R&D to develop the right content to address the needs of the client.

In the past five years, Ultimma Training has served organizations of various nature. The clients’ have received the best from Ultimma Training as repeat training programmes show case the customer satisfaction. Ultimma Training, last year, started public workshops which attracted many professionals and helped them polish their skills well. The organization also introduced several new training programmes this years some of which are analytical skills, emotional intelligence,etc. The organization intends to come up with more new training areas to support its clients’ growth.

Are you interested in developing the skills of your staff ?? Drop us an email on or reach us on +94 112 581 210 to meet and discuss how we could enhance the skills of your teams.

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