May 8, 2017

What you need to be a successful sales person

Sales is a nightmare many companies have and the sales staff are squeezed to achieve their monthly and annual sales targets. Sales force is a group of people who face the customer hence they know what exactly the customers’ taste is. They not only bring in sales but also provide vital information to the product development unit. They share valuable insights about the market which the company could use to set its future path in terms of diversification, product development and corporate strategy.

What are the skills that are required to be a successful sales person ?

  1. Good listening skills – A successful sales person should be able to ask probing questions and listen to the customers well. For example two potential customers will have two completely different problems. Hence one solution will not fit or solve. As a result the sales person need to listen to the problem and decide how he could customize his solution to meet the demands of the customers.
  2. Agility – A well drafted telephone conversation script will not yield you bigger deals. It might be a good tool to start the conversation but definitely not to seal a deal. A successful sales person will think on his own feet and quickly adopt to any curve ball the potential customer throws.
  3. Critical thinking – An excellent sales person will not wait till his management to analyze the sales data and to advise him on the next step. They will know to distinguish what is working for them from what is not working for them. They will be smart and proactively interpret the sales data and prepare for the next step.
  4. Persistence – This is one skill that has not changed over the time. People who quit and give up when the prospective customer does not respond, will loose a lot.
  5. Honesty – It must be noted that it is good to loose a deal and be honest rather than lie a customer. If one lies to close a deal, they must understand that they have damaged their reputation thus going to loose on future sales. Integrity is non-negotiable when it comes to sales.
  6. Be subtle – An excellent sales person will never exhibit that he / she is selling. Instead they educate the customer. They will build confidence or in the background they will be working on building confidence on the minds of the potential customers.

There are many more skills a successful sales person will equip himself with. However the above are the vital ones. Should you require your sales team to be trained on the above, please do not hesitate to reach us on

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