March 3, 2016

Win your caller – Critical Tips on Telephone Conversations

Professionals in a day-to-day work would come across heavy interaction with telephones. It could be either calling someone or getting called over the telephone. Most of the modern day business deals are made via telephone calls. No one bothers to physically move about get things done. People ranging from kids to adults every one is using phones on a daily basis. However there are certain aspects to look into while using telephones, to make it a pleasant experience to the caller thus winning the caller and to get your work done. Let’s look at the key aspects to be looked in to.

Identify yourself at the beginning of all calls
You should make it a practice to tell the party at the other end who you are and from where you are calling. This will make the person at the other end to handle the call easily and unnecessary problems / delays could be avoided.
e.g. “I am Michelle Kasdorf from St. Lukes Hospital in Milwaukee. May I please speak to Mr. Donald Trump ?”

Be sensitive to the tone of your voice
Do not be over anxious or aggressive when talking over the phone but remember your tone  conveys authority and confidence.

Have a script of what you are going to talk
Plan before making the call on what you are going to talk and who are the people you are going to talk. Always talk straight and expect a voice mail invitation. If you posting a voice mail, mention your name, your company’s name and the topic on which you wanted to have the conversation. That will make the person retrieving the voice mail to understand and call you back.

Avoid interruptions during the call
While on the call do not entertain on side conversations. Always the telephone conversation should be given the first preference.
Speak clearly and slowly when leaving a message in voice mailTelephone Etiquette 3
Always speak clearly and slowly when leaving a message in voice mail and always make it a practice to include your telephone number. Avoid slang and idioms.

Switch your phone to silent mode or switch off in public areasTelephone Etiquette 2
Make it a practice to switch your phone to silent mode when attending meetings, conferences, court sessions, training programs, etc. In addition switch off your phone completely when walking in to the hospital as mobile phones will make the medical equipment to malfunction.

Pick up the phone without delaysTelephone Etiquette 4
People call you for a reason and never allow the phone to more than three times. Pick up the phone on the second or third ring.

Never rush when speaking on the phone
Never give the impression to the caller that you are in a rush to end the call. You may ask them whether you could call them back so that you could listen to their problem and arrive at a solution. Should they agree, you MUST return the call at the time agreed.

The above are key factors that you should focus when handling telephone calls. Should you be interested in getting your staff trained on the above, please feel free to contact us via

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