March 6, 2017

Women Empowerment and Ultimma – International Women’s Day

March 8th marks the International women’s day which was initially called as International Working Women’s Day. This is celebrated in order to express general respect appreciation and love towards women for their economic, political and social achievements. Women are contributing to Since 1996 the United Nations has set a theme for every year’s celebrations. Accordingly 2017’s one would be Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030.

Ultimma Training, from its inception, has supported empowering women though its dedicated training programmes locally and globally. The company has carried out plenty of training programmes under its CSR programme themed “Make it Happen – Empowering Women”. Ultimma in partnership with World’s largest FMCG supplier Unilever’s Sri Lankan office carried out a training programme for women in Embilipitiya to motivate them and guide them to achieve their personal and professional goals in life. It was very satisfying to see the participants walking out of the venue with lot of determination to achieve in life.

In another occasion Ultimma in partnership with MTV / MBC network carried out a series of training programmes for under privileged women in the northern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. The programme gave the participants the necessary confidence boost to face the challenges after a 30 year old civil war, be independent  and to come up in life. It also opened their eyes to set a vision for their families and to head towards achieving that.

Maliban Textile, one of the apparel manufacturers in Sri Lanka, partnered with Ultimma to train its female factory staff to motivate and guide them on grooming aspects. The event was well received by the participants as many of them are from rural areas and had no clue as to how to present themselves for work and had many challenges in life. It is always a satisfaction to upgrade the lives of under privileged.

Ultimma has not stopped from speaking to women in Sri Lanka but it expanded its reach to countries such as Egypt and Philippines. In Egypt the company trained the females school and university students to motivate them to set and achieve personal and professional goals. Through this session we expect to send out better leaders of tomorrow who would be motivated well to achieve and take their respective countries places.

It is always satisfying and exciting to see others coming up in life and Ultimma is passionate in providing the necessary support through its dedicated training programmes. Ultimma Training is looking forward to partner with corporate in coming up with more training programmes for women to uplift their morals, motivate them to set life goals and to achieve them. Please drop an email to

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